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Push Button, Get Mortgage. That’s the slogan for Rocket Mortgage, an online interface and app by Quicken Loans. By using either the app or the online form, potential borrowers can view offers that are customized to suit their needs. Borrowers can view today’s interest rates and see if they’re approved to purchase or refinance a home. Borrowers can even automatically share financial information, such as bank statements, with Quicken Loans, which can make the mortgage process faster and more accurate. As with many online interfaces, you may be wondering how secure Rocket Mortgage really is. Quicken Loans has implemented multiple security measures to make sure that customer information is kept safe. On its website, Rocket Mortgage announces that it has bank-level encryption, industry-leading privacy guidelines, and 24/7 security monitoring. Not only are they helping to make the mortgage process easier, they’re also keeping it safe! If you have any questions or need any help with Rocket Mortgage, or if you want to provide feedback, you can easily call a customer service representative, chat with someone on their online chat feature, or use their survey to let them know of your opinion. If you love technology and need to purchase a home or refinance a mortgage, then Rocket Mortgage may be right for you. This bank profile is not an endorsement or advertisement for the bank's products and services.  RateZip is an independent publisher of bank information.

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